9 unexpected experiences

At the castles, on the water, in nature, art or gastronomy, find a selection of 11 unexpected experiences in Tours and the Touraine region.

  • Vol en montgolfières au-dessus des châteaux de la Loire

  • 1. Fly above the Loire castles in a hot air balloon

    Take off above the Loire valley, its castles, vineyards and forests. You will discover the “Jardin de la France” (France’s garden) as you’ve never seen it before!

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  • Balade sur l'eau

  • 2. Have a drink at twilight on the Loire river

    When the sun goes down, enjoy a glass of local wine on the Loire river on board a traditional boat. You will be entranced by the calm around you, the sounds of nature and the pink and orange hues of the sky. The bargeman will share his expertise and anecdotes on the river’s local wildlife for an unforgettable moment.

  • 3. Admire the sunset beneath the arches of the Château de Chenonceau from a canoe

    Be charmed by the magic of a sunrise or sunset beneath the arches of the “Château des dames” as you glide down the Cher river in a kayak or canoe.


  • En nature

  • 4. Play the part of an adventurer on a Loire island

    As you arrive on a Loire island from your canoe, “shipwrecked” on the island for one day and one night, you will have to divvy up the tasks to ensure the survival of the encampment. Prepare for the weather, building a bow and a fishing line with natural materials, learn to use trees and plants to make charcoal, you can be a real Robinson Crusoe!

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  • 5. Take a break on a cani-hike

    How does it work? A pedestrian hike harnessed to a dog, combining walking, nature and connection with the animal. Enjoy special moments with your canine companion for the day for a hike of around 5 km in the vineyards and forests of Côteaux-sur-Loire! The perfect activity for lovers of nature and animals.

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  • Artistique

  • 6. An introduction to traditional clock-making

    Marion, an expert clock-maker, welcomes you to her workshop at Vouvray for an extraordinary introduction to traditional clock-making know-how and repair, in a 4-hour session.

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  • 7. Open-air cinema

    Return to the festive and romantic days of cinema and enjoy a film under the stars! All summer the Ciné Off association sets up in parks, school playgrounds and city squares to offer free open-air films.

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  • 8. Print a vintage poster

    Every Saturday come and discover risograph printing at the Ateliers de la Morinerie. This ecological printing technique (with no polluting ink cartridge) from Japan works in the same way as screen printing: Each run prints one colour. After several runs, you obtain a unique result with layering of different colours, and you leave with 20 copies of your poster!

  • Gourmande

  • 9. Cook a gastronomic menu

    Meet with a chef who will explain their background and share with you their secrets, from choosing food to arranging the plate. Try your hand at gastronomic cuisine, using noble products and advanced techniques. Each workshop is led by a different chef and you may taste your dishes or take them with you to share with your loved ones!