10 unexpected experiences to try this winter

At the château, in nature, in the arts or on a gourmet menu, discover a selection of 10 unexpected experiences to be enjoyed this winter in Tours and Touraine!

  • Histopad Cité Royale de Loches

    Histopad at the Cité Royale of Loches


  • Take a leap into the past with augmented reality

    Witness the military maneuvers of the French king Philippe-Auguste, cross paths with Joan of Arc and Henry II Plantagenet, or find hidden treasures in the nooks and crannies of castles - it's all possible thanks to the "HistoPad". Available at the Cité Royale de Loches, the Château Royal d'Amboise and the Forteresse Royale de Chinon, this tablet is a truly immersive 3D and 360° guide to the medieval era and its players.

    HistoPad included with admission.

    Information and reduced-rate tickets on tours-tourisme.fr, at the Tours Loire Valley Tourist Office reception desk and by calling 02 47 70 37 37.

    Visit the underground galleries of the Fine Arts Museum

    Immerse yourself in antiquity, when Tours was Caesarodunum, by visiting the underground galleries of the former Archbishop's Palace. Built on the Gallo-Roman rampart, you'll see many traces of the past, including sculpted pieces and lapidary inscriptions. An unexpected experience after a visit to the Musée des Beaux-Arts and its exceptional exhibitions.

    Normal rate 3 € / pers. - Reduced rate €1.50 /pers.

    Tours at 11:00, 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30

    November 19 and December 10, 2023, January 28, February 18, March 17 and April 14, 2024

    Reservations by e-mail mba-reservation@ville-tours.fr - mba.tours.fr


    Take a forest bath

    Reconnect with nature through sylvotherapy. This ancient practice involves reconnecting with the environment, and more specifically with trees, to reduce stress and bring a sense of inner well-being. An unusual sensory journey accompanied by a qualified sylvotherapist .

    90 € / adult - sliding scale according to number of people and sessions

    Information and booking on omtani.fr

  • Vol en dirigeable
  • Flying over Tours in an airship

    Departing from Tours' Parc de la Gloriette, climb aboard a hot-air dirigible and fly over the city at a height of 40 meters, comfortably seated in a "gondola of the air". This activity is accessible to senior citizens and people with reduced mobility.

    From €259 /pers.

    Information and booking on valdeloire-box.fr


    An introduction to antique watchmaking

    Marion, a passionate watchmaker, welcomes you to her workshop in Vouvray for an extraordinary 4-hour introduction to the know-how and repair of antique clocks.

    From age 15, €300/person (maximum 2 people per workshop).

    Info and booking HERE or 06 75 54 38 51

    Print your own vintage poster

    Every Saturday, come and discover risography printing at Ateliers de la Morinerie in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps. This environmentally-friendly printing technique (without polluting ink cartridges) originated in Japan and works in the same way as screen printing: each pass prints one color. After several passes, you'll obtain a unique result thanks to the superposition of the different colors, and you'll leave with your printed posters !

    60 € /pers. - 3h00

    Info and booking sarahdeissveiniere.fr

  • Atelier risographie
  • Decorating with dried flowers

    With Clémence's advice, create your own wall wreaths, bouquets or floral initials, either solo or as a parent/child duo (from age 5). A delicate gift for any occasion!

    Workshop from €40 / pers.

    Info and booking on plantainmaisonfleurie.com


    Wine tasting in a sculpted cellar

    Alliez dégustation de vins AOC Vouvray et sortie culturelle à la Cave Bourillon Dorléans. Dans ces galeries troglodytiques datant du XVe siècle, plus de 40 artistes tourangeaux, tels que Michel Audiard ou Michèle Minière, ont sculpté des œuvres originales à même la pierre de tuffeau. Un véritable parcours initiatique et sensoriel à expérimenter toute l’année.

    Visite sur réservation

    30 bis, rue Vaufoynard à Rochecorbon

    bourillon.com – 06 07 08 06 06

    Confectionner ses chocolats

    Gaëlle, David et leur trois enfants, artisans passionnés, vous invitent à découvrir les secrets de fabrication d’un chocolat fait à partir de fèves bio et équitables pour un produit fini d’excellence. À tout âge, laissez votre imagination opérer guidé par les conseils d’un pro et repartez avec votre création.

    45 € / pers.

    Boulevard Alfred Nobel à Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire

    Infos et réservation sur neogourmets.com

  • Fabrication de chocolats artisanaux
  • Visite guidée par un Greeters à Tours

    Christophe, Marie, Pierrette, Arnaud and many others are "Greeters". These local people are passionate about their area, and will take you on a tour of their favorite places, sharing their "good tips" and good addresses. The process is entirely volunteer-based, and these 2-hour walks are free of charge.


  • An exceptional night in a château

    Our selection of addresses where you can indulge in "château life" for the duration of your stay!

    Château d'Artigny

    Overlooking the Indre valley and dreamt of by perfumer François Coty, this 5* château-hotel combines all the ingredients for an exceptional Belle Époque stay: marble and gilded decor, spa, luxurious rooms, gourmet restaurant and 25 hectares of parkland with formal gardens.

    92, rue de Monts, Montbazon


  • Château d'Artigny

    © Stéphane Leroy

  • Domaine de la Commanderie de Ballan

    This 12th-century château, former property of the Knights Templar, has been completely renovated to welcome guests in a suite or room with all modern comforts. From a moment of relaxation in the orchard to an in-house massage, the establishment promises a totally unplugged stay.

    17, rue de la Commanderie, Ballan-Miré


    Château de Rochecotte

    In the heart of the Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil vineyards, follow in the footsteps of the Duchesse de Dino, the Prince de Talleyrand and Honoré de Balzac at this luxurious Baroque château. Dine in the gourmet restaurant, "tea time" on the Italian-style terrace or take a detour to the chapel - you'll be a chatelain for the duration of your stay!

    43, rue Dorothée de Dino, Coteau sur Loire


    Domaine de la Trigalière

    Eco-labeledClef Verte, this estate offers sixteen cottages spread over several hundred hectares around the château, between ponds and forest. Fishing, sylvotherapy, hiking, archery and yoga are just some of the activities on offer to reconnect with nature around the château.

    La Trigalière Cottage in Ballan-Miré


  • Costume tour of Old Tours

    Oyé! Oyé! Travel back in time on an immersive guided tour led by guide Noémie, who plays the role, in period costume, of the daughter of a former militiaman who left for the Crusades in the early 13th century. With her, you'll explore the former Martinopole of Tours and sweep away preconceived ideas about the place of women in medieval society. A fun, historical tour for young and old alike.