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Trampoline Park - New Jump

Trampoline Park - New Jump Tours is an indoor park in Tours for all ages, from babies to adults, with Kid's Park for children under 5 and Grand Park for children aged 6 and over.  This new concept comes straight from the United States. It's a safe, air-conditioned 2000m2 area. Trampolining is a fun, physical activity, whether you're an athlete or not. 
You're there to have fun, and fun is guaranteed! 
The NEW JUMP TOURS Trampoline park also has a relaxation area with snack bars, where you can quench your thirst after an intense jumping session.

Practical informations

Ticket valid for 1 hour throughout the site. 
Open all year round according to calendar.
A minimum of 7 working days is required to receive your order.
Please note: Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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21 rue Augustin Fresnel, 37170, CHAMBRAY LES TOURS

Phone number

02 47 70 37 37