Artistic stroll among the graffiti

Gone are the days when street art was only found under bridges or on the façades of abandoned buildings. Immense frescos, stencils or mosaics, graffiti artists - sometimes internationally known - have invested in the city of Tours. Discover some of these works of art on a colourful urban adventure!

  • Street art à Tours à vélo

    Street art in Tours by bike

    Street art, follow the tour!

    Guided tours to discover street art in Tours and the surrounding areas are offered each year by the Tourist Office of Tours Loire Valley. An interlude accompanied by expert guides to learn more about urban art and the anecdotes surrounding it.

  • Intérieur de la Clinique du Street Art

    Street Art Clinic - Photo credit: Pascal Montagne

    The Street Art Clinic

    Opposite the cathedral, the former Saint Gatien clinic is being transformed into an alternative venue open to the public. Until October 29, 2023, 30 artists will take over the walls, from floor to ceiling, to create a veritable museum dedicated to street art. On the first floor, equipped with a headlamp, you can enjoy a truly alternative visiting experience in the dark. The Bloc features a bar and restaurant area, where you can savour local produce. Concerts, meetings with artists and mediators punctuate this space resolutely turned towards street art.

    Street Art Clinic website

  • Un stop au Passage du Pèlerin

    A stop at Passage du Pèlerin

    A stop at the Passage du Pèlerin

    At the foot of the Tour Charlemagne, the walls of the passageway showcase pop-up street art works, replaced every two months. The initiative is led by the Tours branch of the M.U.R. (Modular, Urban and reactive) association.

    Open-air artistic line-up with artists from all backgrounds, including Mr. Dheo, Madame, Dawal and Monkey Bird. What’s special about this initiative? It’s a “wall of free expression”, artists are given free rein and surprises are in store at each inauguration!

  • Street art à Tours

    In the enclosure of the Les Beaumonts barracks

    Several hundred metres long, the enclosure of the former Beaumont-Chauveau military barracks has been transformed thanks to the work of graffiti artists and amateurs who have adorned it with a thousand colours. It is also here where the first third-place of Tours is located: Les Beaumonts. This former military hall, with 1,500 sq. m. of space, hosts local and charity events, ecological and artistic happenings organised by residents. Exhibitions, concerts, dance classes, reading clubs, meetings... Open programming where everyone can discover or help build a project!

  • Street art à Tours

    On the Ile Aucard

    Between concrete and unspoiled Loire, under the Mirabeau bridge, street artists are given free rein to brighten up the landscape!

  • Balade street art

    Gambetta car park

    Ten or so French and Belgian artists have transformed this underground car park into an urban art gallery. On the ramps, near the lifts, on the ground and on the pillars, figurative forms and realist drawings adorn all four levels.

  • Balade street art

    Îlot Vinci

    At the exit from the Tours train station, 140 sq. m of frescos adorn the wall. Commissioned by the city in collaboration with Robert (Bob) Jeudy, Vice-President of the M.U.R Oberkampf association, and specialist in French urban art. These coloured paintings immerse you in the dreamlike world of street artist Brusk, or inspired by Drope’s cartoons.

  • Balade street art

    Wind's girls of Gil KD


    The famous “filles du vent” by Gil KD, the mosaics illustrating the street names of MifaMosa, the quirky paintings by Bongo and the poetic works of Mr Plume... art is on every street corner! So that you don’t miss any work of art, join the Facebook group "Street art Tours City" which keeps track of new works of art and provides an interactive map.