10 unusual places to declare your love this Valentine's Day

Any occasion is a good one for declaring your love to the one you've fallen in love with, but Valentine's Day is the perfect time to call on Cupid. We've selected 10 original venues in and around Tours to make your declaration unforgettable!

  • Love is in the nature

  • Jardins de l'amour au château et jardins de Villandry

    Villandry gardens © Souffleur de Breizh

    In the Andalusian-inspired "Jardin d'Amour" at the chateau of Villandry

    Adjacent to the château, the "Garden of Love" is made up of four Andalusian-inspired squares, structured to evoke different facets of love: "tender love", "passionate love", "fickle love" and "tragic love". It's up to you to choose your garden! Make no mistake...

    3, rue Principale - 37510 Villandry

    Reduced-rate tickets available from the Tours Loire Valley Tourist Office or online HERE

  • An all-inclusive château & well-being weekend in Villandry

    Treat yourself to a romantic getaway in a charming 3* hotel in Villandry.

    On the program: two days of well-being with massages, free access to the jacuzzi, dinner, champagne and a visit to the gardens and château of Villandry.

  • As in history, fairy tales or TV series

  • Couple sur les bords de Loire en hiver

    © Léonard De Serres

    On the banks of the Loire

    The Loire, nicknamed the "royal river", offers an exceptional natural panorama for getting together, strolling hand in hand, or on a bike, and enjoying a peaceful moment to the sound of lapping water to confide your feelings.

  • A spa and wine discovery weekend in Tours

    In a 4-star setting just a stone's throw from the city center, discover local gastronomy and vineyards, and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation at the spa.
    This all-inclusive 2-day/1-night stay includes a private visit to an AOC Vouvray wine cellar, a tasting of regional specialties, a romantic dinner and access to the hotel's wellness area.

  • Domaine de Candé vu de l'extérieur

    © Stevens Frémont (CRT Centre-Val de Loire)

    At the Domaine de Candé in Monts

    Famous for having hosted the Duke of Windsor's wedding to the "commoner" Wallis Simpsons, this estate is an invitation to stroll and contemplate. It's the ideal place to open your heart to the surroundings of the château, in the shade of a century-old tree with an unobstructed view over the Indre valley.

    Route du Ripault in Monts

    Reduced-rate tickets available from the Tours Loire Valley Tourist Office or online HERE

  • Le château de Chenonceau vu d'une montgolfière dans le ciel

    © JC Coutand (ADT 37)

    In the clouds aboard a hot-air balloon

    Like Alfy and Emily in the TV series Emily in Paris (season 3 episode 9), treat yourself to a romantic moment as you soar over the chateaux of the Loire Valley aboard a hot-air balloon in Touraine.

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  • Château Ussé - Credit JC Coutand (ADT37)

    © JC Coutand (ADT 37)

    Inside Château d'Ussé, the castle of Sleeping Beauty

    All you have to do is sing the song "J'en ai rêvé" from Walt Disney's famous cartoon in front of the Château d'Ussé, the inspiration for Charles Perrault's fairytale "Sleeping Beauty".

    Between the fairytale castle and the gardens designed by Le Nôtre, creator of the gardens at the Château de Versailles, the setting could not be more romantic.

    Château d'Ussé in Rigny-Ussé (reopening February 15)

  • So romantic!

  • Fontaine de Beaune Semblancay à Tours

    © Sébastien Andréi

    At the Lovers' Fountain in the Beaune-Semblançay garden

    This fountain, built of Volvic stone and white Genoa marble, is nicknamed "the lovers' fountain". Located in downtown Tours, it stands at the heart of a historic island featuring a romantic garden on the theme of white and the remains of the façade of the former Renaissance Hôtel de Beaune.

    1, rue Jules Favre - 37000 Tours

  • Mosaïque de Mifamosa dans la rue du Petit Cupidon à Tours

    © Office de Tourisme Tours Loire Valley

    Under Mifamosa's mosaic "Rue du Petit Cupidon

    Orléans-based street artist Mifamosa brightens up French streets with his quirky, humorous mosaics. In Tours, between the Colbert and Blanqui districts, you'll find the Rue du Petit Cupidon. It features Cupidon, god of love in Greek mythology, and his arrow, famous for making people fall in love at first sight. Ideal for declaring your love!

    Rue du Petit Cupidon in Tours

  • Couple devant une oeuvre d'art contemporain au CCC OD

    © JC Coutand (ADT 37)

    Inspired by contemporary art, in front of a work by CCC OD

    Art arouses emotions, conveys experience and stimulates the imagination. Mirror this image and express your feelings in a creative space, the Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré.

    The exhibition of the moment to invite your better half to? "Olivier Debré. La figuration à l'envers", a presentation of 24 new works from the 1940s and 1960s by this major artist of lyrical abstraction.

    Jardin François 1er, Tours

    Reduced-rate tickets available from the Tours Loire Valley Tourist Office or online HERE

  • For the more adventurous

  • Le Monstre de Xavier Veilhan sur la place de Grand Marché à Tours

    © Léonard De Serres

    In front of the Monstre on the Place du Grand Marché, which will serve as a contemporary priest!

    Xavier Veilhan's "Monstre" is a must-see for Touraine residents, to the point of nicknaming the Place du Grand Marché "Place du Monstre". It may look impressive, but it'll look at you kindly and bless your love so that it lasts forever!

    Place du Grand Marché 37000 Tours

  • Façade de l'Etoile Bleue, ancienne maison close à Tours

    © Léonard De Serres

    In front of L'Etoile Bleue, former brothel
    Boasting Art Deco mosaics and frescoes that bear witness to its sulphurous past in the early 20th century, the former brothel "L'Etoile Bleue" arouses curiosity and excitement for a quirky declaration of love.
    15, rue du Champs-de-Mars, Tours